Life in Bahamas

Situated in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is a chain of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, southeast of Florida, northeast of Cuba.

It's close to the United States, has more favorable taxation, and is one of the safest Caribbean nations.



The Bahamas is a tropical paradise without a doubt.

With warm waters from the Gulf Stream, the Bahamas are usually hot and humid all year long.



The country's public transport system isn't the best however, it is fairly cheap. The No. 10 bus or 10a bus will take you from downtown to Cable Beach within the tourist zone. The bus ticket is $1.25 

If you're living on the Out Islands, you can also use a taxi. Since taxi drivers are independent operators, make sure to get the driver's name and number. You can negotiate a lower rate if you use the same taxi repeatedly.


Water taxis and ferries are handy, inexpensive ways to get around. You can take the Paradise Island Ferry for only $3 from Paradise Island to downtown Nassau.

There is also a free, twice-daily ferry between Acklins, Crooked Island, and Long Cay.


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Cost of living 


It has been reported that the Bahamas' rent prices are approximately 10% lower than the US's.

In Nassau (the capital), a one-bedroom apartment costs around $900 per month, compared to nearly $1,300 in the US.

In addition, apartment prices in Nassau are 50% less than in the United States.


Some reports reveal that the majority of money spent in the Bahamas goes to grocery shopping and shopping.

Grand Bahama has excellent healthcare and affordable childcare. Overall, the school system in the Bahamas is excellent, with a literacy rate of more than 95%.



Bars and restaurants


Here is a list of the 10 best Bahamas bars and nightlife experience

Throughout the Bahamas' long history, rum has played a crucial role, from days of pirates and plantations to beach bars and lounges of today. That is why you can enjoy many local bars that are offering mainly this.

There is also an impressive culinary scene in the Bahamas - from humble dishes like "steam fish with peas 'n' rice" sold at beach shacks to gourmet fare at five-star resorts.


History and Culture


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The Bahamas consists of over 700 cays and islands, most of which are uninhabited. There are some family islands that have settlements, towns, and 'cities', which provide a relaxing, laid-back lifestyle.

Whether it is beach-going or bone-fishing, swimming or sailing, the islands offer peace and tranquility in possibly the most spectacular natural setting in the world - white sand beaches, clear, blue waters, and sunny skies, making a spectacular, natural wonder.

Throughout the centuries, the islands have been a magnet for settlers, traders, and invaders, while the shipping channel has drawn pirates who have discovered all of the great hiding spots.

The Bahamas is also one of the happiest cultures in the world. 

The streets are full of people celebrating Junkanoo - an art piece that's vibrant and bold.

The official language of the Bahamas is English, but Haitian immigrants speak Creole.

Discover a glimpse into Bahamas culture.




The Bahamas is home to many teachers, bankers, accountants, and doctors, many coming for short contracts and staying for years on end. These sectors have traditionally recruited many foreigners and many are relocating permanently to the Bahamas.


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